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Apr. 6th, 2006 | 05:21 pm

why did i never see cutness attack before? XD it's perfect. i'll update a bit later and tell everyone what happened with the dean yesterday. it was...interesting to say the least.

Samantha out

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Mar. 26th, 2006 | 09:54 pm

^^ laaaaa! Me and Satomi-chan went to the beach yesterday!!!! We had so much fun! I got my picture taken as a mermaid and we had snow cones! ^^ Haven't had them in a long time. Satomi makes me feel so comortable that I actually put a paw in the water! I've asked her to help me learn to swim and she's agreed. Maybe in a little while I'll be able to swim. Anyway here's me as a mermaid! ^^ I love this pic, the tail was sooooo cool.


that's all for now, China and I are off to bed. ^^; The dean has called me in tomorrow morning again...I wonder what it is this time???

Samantha Tsuki, out.

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Mar. 17th, 2006 | 07:38 pm
mood: chipper chipper

*takes a deep breath* well midterms are inally over and i should be able to update more oftin now. Private school is a lot like collage some times. i passed all my tests with mostly A's. Here's the run down.

World/Ancient History: A
Social Studies: A
Science: A
Writing: A
Math: C ^^; i'm not fond of math
Drama: B
Mythology and Magic: A

Our trip to the winchester mystery house proved to be rather interesting. My stalker was there. =o.o= for some strange reason i still never got a good look at his face. it's like he found all the shadows in the building *which really isn't that hard* and refused to leave until our group had passed.

as if things couldn't get worse, i had another fainting spell. this time i was greatful for it though because two boys got into a fight and i happened to be standing by a railing. one shoved the other and the other fell onto me and i went through the railing. i'm only starting to wonder why it's always me these things happen to. thankfully my powers kicked in and saved me. see if i break my neck i'm dead just like a normal human, but i have something else that's dangerous to break, my tail. if i had fallen on it too hard in the right spot and broke it, there's not much anyone could do. i have no officially only two friends. Satomi told me that a pink light began to shine from me and i stopped falling a few feet from the ground until *of all people* my stalker managed to catch me.

so here i am in my room. i've moved my lap top to my bed for now, i'm sure if i look out the window he'll be there. oh and before i forget, ^^ i got more fish! >> they're a present from the dean but at least he's backed off. as far as i know he hasn't been in my room again and i had locks put on my window just in case. Satomi and i are going to the beach this weekend.

=^_^= AAAAND China is watching my new fish. i say they're jewelery but i'm sure she think's they'd make a great lunch. i'm not sure what they are but they're all matalic like the tentras.

that's all for today. it's almost time for sleep. ja!

Samantha and China signing out!

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Dec. 17th, 2005 | 08:30 pm

Well i haven't really updated in a while because everything has been earily quiet. if my stalker is still there, he's concealed himself much better. the dean hasn't asked to see me but once sine my last post, and thankfully it was about the firld trip the school is taking next week. Now that Satomi and her roomie are now good friends, i think i'll have a good time. We're going for two days to the Winchester Mystery house! =^_^= it autta be a blast, that place looks so cool!

that's all for now,


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Dec. 5th, 2005 | 04:16 pm

Well, I just got back to my room. After three days of restles sleep and finding out a little too much information, I've finally concluded that I will never have a normal life and have only one person to trust. I went to the dean to ask him about how to possibly having a deadbolt put on my door, but as I walked up to the door, it was almost closed and I could hear a heated conversation taking place. I realized too quickly the voices were of my stalker and the dean...and I didn't like what I was hearing.
D: I don't like you hanging around Samantha's room every night.
S: It's a free country; I can hang out anywhere I please can't I?
D: That it is, however breaking and entering is illegal. Why was it that you felt you had to enter her room?
S: Hmm, couldn't I ask you the same, sir?
D: So...you were the one to take it out? i am the dean here and i have the right to enter any students room at any time i please for any reason. You're not even a student here. i could have you arrested you know.
S: That so? You know last time I checked it was illegal to put a video recorder in someone's room without their permission.
D: *growel* that is the only thing stopping me from going to the police about you. Except the reason the camera was there was to make sure you didn't hurt her.
S: Oh? And recording her wouldn't hurt her? I mean she could walk around her room naked, and I don't think she would like you seeing that.
D: well yes I could see where that might be damaging, except that if you'd noticed the camera was aimed strictly on the window just past the computer and zoomed in so even if she were to sit at the computer...unclothed it would not see her.
S: Hm, but could you not control the camera's direction?
D: *silence*
D: It would serve no purpose....
S: Unless of course you liked to watch Samantha. You seem to have some interest in her. You talk to her more than other students and just look at the room you gave her!
D: Yes well I have my reasons for the room, however I feel I must protect her from the principal and his son who seem to have it out to kill her.
S: But what does that have to do with the camera?
D: Oh nothing, the camera was to keep an eye on you. I don't know who you are or where you came from...how do I know you don't like to watch her walk around unclothed?
S: I’m not that kind of a stalker. I also know that the room you put her in is the same as the others. Why would you put her in such...an unlucky room?
D: I switched her room so that boy won't know what room she's in.
S: Heh....couldn't you just have easily installed a camera outside?
D: One that you wouldn't have seen? I do recognize that crest sir. That is the crest of a very old and well known family...the previous owners of this building in fact. You know this place too well and would have been able to avoid the camera.
S: You know as well as I do that with today's technology I would have not been able to see one of the smaller camera models.
D: Are you suggesting that I buy one of those? I could do that you know and then you wouldn't be able to stop me from going to the police.
S:....Perhaps. I took the liberty of removing said camera. I’ll be checking on it daily now. If I see it again I’ll...
D: Shh...did you hear something? Just outside the door?
S: I think so.
They had heard my backpack falling off my shoulder. I could see the shadowy form of the dean just behind him as the door opened. I was too scared to move and the last thing I remember was that same paw from last week reaching out to me and my name whispered. I don’t know how long it took my mind to recover from such a shock, but when I woke up I was in the dean’s office, the stalker was nowhere to be seen, but that didn’t make me feel any better. It seemed as though he was defending me, but I’m not sure I trust him either. As I sat up I heard the dean. He was sitting in his desk, facing that massive fish tank yet again. “Miss Tsuki...I’m sorry.” I stood and grabbed my bag, staring at the fish myself for a moment. “Just don’t do it again. I may not be an American but I don’t believe that stops me from going to the police about either of you. Up until now I let you play your game with me. Whatever that may be, it’s over now. I will not come to your office anymore unless it actually pertains to school. First and foremost I am a student here and I fully intend to graduate and go back home next year.” He had nothing to say so I left. But I decided to stay with Satomi and her roommate for a few days. Thanks for putting up with me guys. I guess right now that’s all I have to report. I’m on my lunch break now and have to return to class soon.

Samantha Tsuki

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Nov. 30th, 2005 | 03:10 am

Dearest Samantha.

I'm not sure where you are at this moment, but I noticed you were still logged into your journal so I'm borrowing it as this seems to be the thing you look at most. I believe you are right, the dean is up to something and I'm afraid it involves you. Please do not return to this room tonight. Just in case you get any ideas to return before dawn, I will be here.

forever with love
one who is also half neko.

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Nov. 24th, 2005 | 11:07 pm
mood: scared scared
music: slipping

*Good news*

Happy thanks giving to everyone! I'm half done with my costume and will be posting pics soon. The detail on the shirt is going to be tough though. ^_~ I'm not going to tell what the costume is, we'll see if you regocnize me even through my mask! Also I'll be making cards for everyone for Christmas this year!

*bad news*

I almost fainted today. Out of nowhere I just got really dizzy and the room started to spin. I was sitting at my desk so I just closed my eyes and felt better but...I just don't know what to think. Something bad is about to happen and I have this sinking feeling the Dean will be behind it. I'm really shaken because he canceled our weekly visit. While that's good for me...I just don't know, something's up. It's really creepy being in this room alone right now. China seems to be on edge too snd she's really laid back most of the time. I closed my curtains but it still feels like I'm being watched.

I think I'm going to see if I can spend the night with Satomi or Maybe have her come over. I'm really creeped out. I've been here long enough...

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kitten sitting and an update

Nov. 23rd, 2005 | 07:46 am

So the little kitten is down for a nap and I have a chance to update!

First thing's first, why I haven't updated in forever. After my last update I decided to take my studies back home for a month or so to try and learn a little more about what happened when my dad turned human. I did learn quite a bit actually. I managed to track down my fathers owner when he was full cat. She was a very nice woman, a little older than myself. Unfortunatly she had no idea how it was he was able to change. He ran away a year before I was born...thinking back on it, I wish I had asked my parents more. It's hard to believe that it's been almost a whole year since the ship wreck....Sometimes I wish I had gone with them. But they were only supposed to be gone for a week and I was so happy to get the house to myself. If only I had known what would happen.

But onto the next thing, and best thing. While I was away I met a really nice girl. She was on vacation too and imagine my total shock when I learned that she was a student here at Ghosthill! ^^ Soooooo We hang out inbetween classes and we have the same lunch period so we have lunch together too.

On an odd note, I have another meeting with the Dean on Saturday. I've only been to his office three times now but he scares me a little. When I asked him about the room...He simply told me good students are rewarded. But he seems to be singling me out and I just don't understand why. And that creepy story he told me about the others...well I looked it up and every one of them were ruled suicide, but only because they couldn't prove a murderer. I don't know why, but I have the feeling that owel didn't fly into a storm all on his own. I think something or someone provoked him, and it wasn't just a bully teasing. The fire is the most suspisious because they couldn't determine who set it. apparently she was trying to rescue something important. I didn't get a chance to dig any deeper into the others, but when I do, maybe I'll know what's so special about me.

Also, I think I might have met my stalker face to face last night, well sort of. I was heading home from the mall with Satomi-chan and I dropped one of my bags. before either of us could pick it up, i saw a paw reach down. his face was concealed by his low hat and high collar, but i could see his ears poking out of the top. he didn't say anything, or stop me, but watched us walk away. of course i thanked him but...he seemed familliar. on that note, i shall be off for the rest of the day. i'll probably update again later and tell every one about the costume i have planned for the christmas masqarade! ^^ ja!

Samanatha Tsuzki

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real quick update...

Nov. 22nd, 2005 | 11:26 pm

So the reasion i've been gone so long is that i decided to take a trip back home to Tokyo for a while. The dead was kind eniough to allow me to complete this semester over seas. While i was there, three wonderful things happened that i will elaborate on later.

1. visited my family home
2. learned a little more about what happpened to dad
3. made a really great new friend...

^^ hello new friend!

so i'll make a longer post tomorrow. ^^; oddly, i think my stalker followed me to Tokyo.

anyway, gotta run! kitten sitting tomorrow! ja!

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Jul. 11th, 2005 | 09:09 pm

Well, I had _the_ most interesting day of my life I believe. Thankfully the test that was waved for me was today because I would have lost some big points. Apparently the headmaster had no idea about my little meeting with the dean. Here's why this bothers me.

1. When I'm not in class I'm assumed getting in trouble so when I didn't show for the test I was hunted down and dragged into the headmasters office to get a long lecture about skipping.

2. The twit that pushed me into the ocean had an accident and blamed me.

*smirk* apparently someone called him to the pool area Saturday and was himself, pushed into the deep end of the pool. While I am rather amused by this, I am not by what's happened now. If the dean hadn't happened to call the headmaster while I was being yelled at, I would have been suspended.

And another thing, that phone call was really weird. It went something like this.

HM=headmaster D=dean

HM: Yes sir?
D: The girl in your office in innocent as charged and needs to be released.
HM: But sir, she was caught skipping, that's an automatic suspenion.
D: Oh, I'm sorry. Did you not recieve the letter detailing that because of the unfortunate incident at the beach in which, Mr Rally, your son almost drowned her; I have waved her from todays test.
HM: No sir, I did not get your letter. I'm very sorry.
D: Escort Miss Tsuki back to her room and report to my office within the hour...we need to talk.

And before the headmaster could say anymore, the dean had hung up. Don't get me wrong, I mean I'm fine with the dean being in charge but I thought it was the other way around? Something seems a little strange about this.

Oh yes and to top this all off When I got to HomeRoom later that day *it rotates with lunch and PE* I found our teacher, Mrs. Grey to be in a very foul mood...She was mumbling something about mushrooms and hobgoblins the whole period. Last year when she did that she disappeared for three weeks. Today has just been down right scary.

^^ But coming home to my cat and Finding that my fish had been arrived and installed I was happy. So night everyone!

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